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 Deruta Candlle sample THE DERUTA CANDLES   ARTWORKS
It's like getting two gifts in one...

Would you like more the delightful candle or the authentic Deruta hand painted ceramic cups?
Artistica's hand-painted ceramics are highly regarded throughout the world for their unique design and guaranteed authenticity.
Exclusively created for us by master artists in the world renowned Umbrian town of Deruta, the stylish Faenza and Montelupo - the Tuscan village notorious for its old-world majolica designs.
Artistica Certificate of Authenticity  

Artistica's Quality Seal and Certificate of Authenticity accompany every product.


Deruta Candlle sample  A custom luxury tube packaging adds the final touch for an elegant gift presentation.
When the candle has burned away...
All you have to do is wash the cups in hot, soapy water for a valuable and fully usable keepsake cup, tumbler or lidded canister. Soy wax is Eco-friendly non-toxic. Therefore the ceramic cup is fully usable 100% food safe.
It's Art, it's Beautiful, its' an Original!

THE WAX -  100% Made of American Soy Wax
- Soy wax is made from 100% vegetable oil.
- Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
- Soy wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin.
Luxurious fragrances made of natural botanical oils.
Evoke memories and emotions with our superior scents of Italy. Great for room scents and relaxing aromatherapy.
All of our fine fragrance oils are developed withes essential oils for exceptional performance in soy wax.

Collectible - Decorative
Hand Painted in Italy...  Hand Poured in the USA
All Natural Soy Wax & Fragrances
The scents of Italy!  All candles are available unscented or in eight natural fragrances.
• Positano Lemon
• Milano Vanilla
• Sicilian Orange
• Tuscan Harvest
 • Venetian Lavender
• Alps Wild Berries
• Capri Gardenia
• Natale Blue Spruce


DERUTA - Excellent Quality Ceramics
Artistica’s candle containers are hand made and hand painted in the hill-town of Deruta, region of  Umbria. Deruta is long known as the center of refined majolica manufacturing, renown for its excellent quality ceramics.


 Deruta Candles  are exclusive products created, manufactured,
and solely distributed by Artistica Italian Gallery, Inc