About us

Alice and Marco Margaritelli

Deruta Candles is a division of Artistica Italian Gallery, Inc.
Here a little about us...
Artistica owners are partners in business – and in life.

          Marco Margaritelli, creator of Artistica, had a brand _ and Alice Ardam, an account executive in sales, wanted to open a store. During an event at the downtown trade center, they found each other a partner in business – and in life.

       "It was like 'Veni, vidi, vici' – I came, I saw, I conquered," laughed Margaritelli.

          Thus was the beginning of Artistica Italian Gallery – with a marriage to follow.
Upon entering their showroom in Winnetka's Hubbard Woods Design District, one is greeted with a steaming cup of espresso coffee and an assortment of Italian candies and chocolates with a backdrop of Italian music. The personable duo chats away about their history before even a mention of sales. However, it's hard not to inquire about the reproductions of Renaissance pottery.

          Artistica – started in Miami in 1990 – is a leader in high-end Italian majolica, or tin-glazed pottery. Margaritelli's birthplace, Deruta, is known throughout the world for its ceramics, so it was an obvious business choice of Margaritelli to sell what he was most familiar with. Artistica's museum-quality pieces can be found in famous hotels such as Bellagio, Mirage and Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

Gianni Versace chose Artistica's "Orcio" urns to decorate the patio and pool area of his South Beach home. TV shows on E!, Bravo, the Food Channel and ABC have also featured its products.
"We're surrounded by beauty - the merchandise sell itself," Margaritelli said.
          The collection of more than 2,000 pieces comes from all over Italy: Amalfi, Abruzzi, Sicily and villages around Umbria and Tuscany, but the majority comes from the hilltop village of Deruta. The products, all molded and painted by hand, include, dinnerware, tableware and gifts items. Parmesan bowls, biscotti jars, Limoncello sets and gelato cups can infuse a room with Italian flair.

          "The business just keeps growing, and we keep buying new things," said Ardam, "but our goal is to stay traditional."

          The Margaritellis make annual business trips to Deruta and various Italian villages to meet with artisans and help with the design process. The Italian workshops value their suggestions, which are bases off the requests of the ceramics market.

          "We want people to feel the warmth of the product," said Margaritelli, "and also know that it's sold exclusively in our store, by real people – a husband-and-wife team."